Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning services at best prices


Quick and satisfactory results guaranteed by VIP Cleaner

We are one of the front runners in offering the best and professional janitorial and cleaning services In Toronto Area. We offer our wide range of cleaning services to a divergent clientele inclusive of private, commercial, residential, retails, oil & gas, government and resource sectors.

We offer nothing but the best quality and at the best possible price for our customers. We value each and every customer and their satisfaction is our main focus.

What makes VIP Cleaner unique?

Seven things you can rely on when it comes to VIP Cleanering:

  • Every cleaning is inspected. Without exception. We don’t cut corners. We want your repeat business, unlike companies with a ‘take the money and run’ approach.
  • We customize cleaning solutions to each customers needs. You don’t fit in with us, we fit in with you.
  • We offers monthly commercial cleaning services.
  • We are insured, so you can rest assured.
  • All our staff are fully trained and vetted, with references in all cases.
  • VIP Cleaner has proven and ongoing quality programs and control, to deliver excellence, value and cleanliness.
  • We are professionally accredited.